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The MOT is an essential service that tests a number of mechanical and safety features on your vehicle to determine if it is road worthy

The following section is designed to give you an indication as to what items are tested during an MOT and how this is done. The list is only a brief summary of the actual procedures used and not all items apply to all cars. Also it should be noted that dis-assembly of any part of the vehicle is not allowed during an MOT test which means that hidden items such as faulty wheel cylinders cannot be seen or failed.

  • Lighting Equipment
    • All head- and side-lights are tested for correct operation; condition and security. All lights must be the correct type. Headlights must be correctly aimed and can operate effectively on both dipped- and full-beam. Indicators, brake lights and hazard lights must all be present in full working order. They must not interfere with the operation of each other.
  • Under the Bonnet
    • Upper Suspension Joints and any other suspension components which can be inspected from under the bonnet are checked, along with:
      • Security of steering rack or box and mountings
      • Excessive play in steering rack or box
      • Play in steering joints
      • Any other parts of the steering system that can be seen from under the bonnet
  • Under the Vehicle
    • Condition of suspension joints are checked for excessive play; no bent or broken components; condition of the road springs etc.
    • Shock absorbers for leakage & security; shock absorbers for damping action
    • We check for excessive play in rack/steering joints under load test as well as excessive lift/play in steering box
    • Power steering is checked for leaks etc.
    • The condition of front and rear wheel bearings is checked regarding play and noise
    • Any metal or rubber bushes are checked for excessive play or wear
  • Bodywork
  • Bodywork is checked to ensure it is in good condition with no evidence of corrosion
  • Exhaust System
    • If your exhaust system has part of the system missing this will result in failure. Also if any of the following is present:
      • Excessive deterioration
      • Support mountings are missing or broken
      • Excessive noise
      • Excessive exhaust emissions
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